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Cantina Valenza

About us

with deep roots

The passion of Cantina Valenza has strong deep roots. Our hills speak of millennia of winemaking tradition. A tradition never forgotten, but which today returns deservely to the fore. Our work took its timid steps in 2005 with one inherited and one purchaised vineyard. Not a love at first sight but an old love found and from there our work started, a work made up of study and research, with the awareness and determination to move from a strong identity, inherited from the past, to project us into the future. Ours is a work of integration between tradition and modern technologies, of complicity with this rich and sandy land which is our raw material par excellence. A constant and continuous research of technical and technological excellence. We firmly believe that the only way forward is that of quality and uniqueness of product.
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Wine is bottled poetry

— Robert Louis Stevenson

He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets

— Salvador Dalì

Mixing one’s wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably together

— Bertolt Brecht


Island of nuraghes

Our wine’s production, aged in oak barrels in our cellars and, in general, the whole process from harvest grapes to wine aging, takes place in Nuragus – Sardinia.

Our products

Su Travu, Pacioccu, Lei

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Su Travu

In the historic region of Part’e Alenza in Sardinia, the encounter between our black Malvasia and Cabernet Sauvignon gives life, after a long aging in oak tonneaux, to a wine with an aristocratic character, rich in tastes and sensations.

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From our native vineyards, nestled and caressed by the wind in the warm hills of a naturally suited area, a sincere and structured wine is born, which expresses softness and elegance. Intense in aromas and taste.

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Cantina Valenza di Cardia Maria Rita
Via Roma 115, 09057 Nuragus SU, Italy

+39 0782 818330
+39 338 292 3202
+39 328 799 9993 (Winery)

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