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Territory, history and culture of Nuragus

4 Jun 2020 | Territory

Cantina Valenza is a winery is located in Nuragus, in the heart of Sarcidano, Sardinia, 72 kilometers from Cagliari. From grape harvesting to aging, our wine production process takes place entirely in Nuragus. Explore the territory, history, and culture of Nuragus.

Discover the surrounding area, enriched by traces of the past, including domus de janas, menhirs, and Nuragic monuments. Among the main attractions are the sacred well of Coni and the nuraghe Santu Millanu.

The sacred well of Coni, built with basalt blocks, stands out for its refined architecture. During an excavation in 1900, a bronze figurine depicting a praying woman emerged, a testament to the past.

The nuraghe Santu Millanu dominates the countryside with its quadrilobate structure made of limestone blocks. Surrounded by traces of an ancient Nuragic village and Roman-era environments, the nuraghe is a landmark in the region.

In historical context, Valenza was a Roman center of strategic importance, as confirmed by Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy. Today, the toponym Valenza persists in the Nuragic countryside, evident in the structures, roads, and necropolises visible in the area.

The Valenza Winery takes its name from this rich history, combining tradition and innovation in wine production.


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